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Saturday, March 10, 2012

11 Tools Lesson 9

1.Technology is such a wonderful tool to enhance learning.  It is, however, important to focus on the objective in order to not just get lost in the "coolness" of the technology.  Without a clear objective for the students, they may end up wandering aimlessly and never obtaining the information we want them to obtain.

2. The reasons mentioned above are the same reasons we need to tie students to accountability. It is easy for them to get sidetracked (either intentionally or unintentionally) without clear objectives and accountability.

3.The websites listed that I like the best are Thinkfinity and Study Ladder.Many of the other sites seemed very juvenile and finding higher learning objectives was not an easy search. I could see setting an objective and accountability in small stations using either one of the online quizzes or a teacher designed one.

4. Ipad apps that I love are TeacherPal, as a way to organize and group the class.  Any geography sites such as GeoTracker or National Geographic Country Search, I also love the kids being able to download any books or novels on their Ipad.  Often the school selection is limited and this opens up a world of options for them.

5.  I love the easy skype and camera abilites of the Ipad.  This could so easily be used in a station, or in a reading group where a teacher cannot be present, yet it still needs to be monitored.

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