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Monday, March 12, 2012

11-Tools - #11

I have learned some interesting things during this training.  I plan to save this site as a bookmark to revisit some of the sites I've visited and may want to go back to.  I particularly like Googledocs, Prezi, Voki, and Blogger.  We plan to use a lot more blogs next year as classroom participation grades.  We will also use Vokis this year when students do an online presentation of an artist or researcher.  We already use Googledocs and Prezi on a regular basis.

I realize that we need to be constantly aware of new technology in order to keep up with our students progression in the 21st century.  I will continue to be open to learning new programs and new ways to get the students more involved in their learning.

The biggest surprise for me was that I thought it would be harder for me to do this training. I tend to need processing time for technology and I felt like I picked this up pretty quickly.  Maybe I am growing?

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  1. Yes, you are growing and learning everyday right along side your students! ;-) Feel free to return and try some other tools that you haven't had time to play with. as I just suggested to Paige though, please develop a strong PLN and find time to visit it and read what others are doing! You will be amazed what you can pick up and try!