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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Google Docs- Step 4

We use Google Docs all the time on our campus.  It is how we manage our ICU students, as well as our team's management of students not turning in homework. Recently, with the distribution of our new Ipads, we have started sharing great apps among our whole staff via google docs.  We are all able to and responsible for adding to it and updating it.  In addition, we use the google form tool to manage our CESIT rosters and sign ups for staff breakfasts, etc.  We use it all the time.

Because our students are doing so much between school and home, we are trying to get them to use google docs exclusively.  It eliminates the need for a memory stick or being able to get SBISD folders off the server at home.  It is also something totally accessible on the netbooks, where as the various servers (Sweden, etc.) are hit or miss.

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  1. Working in the clouds does make it easy no matter the device. Currently, Google Docs is somewhat limiting on the iPads. We're hopeful that this will improve this spring!