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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Google Docs- Step 4

We use Google Docs all the time on our campus.  It is how we manage our ICU students, as well as our team's management of students not turning in homework. Recently, with the distribution of our new Ipads, we have started sharing great apps among our whole staff via google docs.  We are all able to and responsible for adding to it and updating it.  In addition, we use the google form tool to manage our CESIT rosters and sign ups for staff breakfasts, etc.  We use it all the time.

Because our students are doing so much between school and home, we are trying to get them to use google docs exclusively.  It eliminates the need for a memory stick or being able to get SBISD folders off the server at home.  It is also something totally accessible on the netbooks, where as the various servers (Sweden, etc.) are hit or miss.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tool 3- Creative Commons

I like the idea of using either Picasa of Flickr with Creative Commons to guide students with image choice.  Google images is far too broad and often, (depending on the search) can bring up inappropriate images.  These sites are a much better way to give "controlled freedom" to kids' picture choice.

Tool 3- Fair Use

Having talked to our students in the past about using things for educational purposes, I was somewhat familiar with the Fair Use policies and rules.  My basic rule of thumb is....if you plan to use anything for "money making purposes," it had better not be copyrighted.  If it is strictly educational, not to leave the classroom, and only a small piece, it's usually okay.

Tool 3- Videos

I really love the Purevideo site, as I frequently use youtube videos and can't stand the ads!  I also was really psyched about the Downloadyoutube, as usually only having RealPlayer on your computer will allow that.
I am not the hugest fan of teacher tube.  I find a lot of their stuff to be low quality or dull; I have always had more success with youtube.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blog Post- Tool 2

I like the idea of a blog becoming an extension of a web page/social networking site/email.  It can be a valuable tool for communication between colleagues, students and teachers, and students and parents. One of our largest time consumers is email questions from parents, often for the same issue.  Imagine if they can just post on a blog and perhaps answer each others' questions.  This is the way of the future and I can see it being very valuable.

Visiting Other Blogs -Tool 2

I visited other SBISD blogs in similar instructional areas because I know we are consulting about the same curriculum.  There was some interesting information, but most users are new, so the "advancement" of the information was limited.  I know I can get more information as I spend more time visiting blogs and discerning through the information.

One blogspot I intend to visit regularly is http://kronkeblog.blogspot.com

Monday, January 2, 2012

Beginning of 11 Tools-Step 1

It has been really fun and so easy!  Karen's directions are really easy to follow.  Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.  Voki is so cool!  Never knew it existed, and now I will use it more frequently.